Float – Travel notes from Peru.

There is a vast lake hidden behind this glass window blurred of rain. I bought a pair of white wool gloves which leave the tip of my finger free to type on my phone. It’s cold, and I am remembering the cold like in a meeting with a friend I have not seen in a […]


It’s storming outside. As the rain mumbles loudly, we come together like sailors, rocking along with our ship in high waves. We are sitting on the floor, in a circle. It’s twenty of us in a room that feels too small, with a light too bright. There is dissonance between the beauty of our connection, […]

My never-previously-hand-washed white linen shirt

Juli mentioned something two days ago that stayed with me: “I like to play when I feel I deserve it”. I spent a couple of days asking myself whether I deserved it.  One voice inside replied: ‘what are the criteria to decide whether you deserve it?’. The thought of engaging with that question gave me […]

Say yes.

The smell of your sweat is on me, and I embrace the way I am triggered. I extend myself through you. In conflict, I sense where to breath into so that discomfort can birth my unraveling. I recognise in your own pain my humanity and I dare to love myself even when the voices in […]

Sketching dreams together

Reflections from CIVICUS’ youth co-design workshop in Montevideo. In December, as part of my work researching the resourcing landscape for youth-led civil society, I had the chance to witness and participate in a youth co-design workshop in Montevideo. For CIVICUS, organising this workshop meant bringing together wisdom and lessons learned about working meaningfully with young […]


Tomorrow I am defending my PhD thesis at IDS.  Here are my reflections as preparation for this big moment 😀 Today I went to the beach at sunset. I asked permission to the ocean and the sky and the pebbles to finish a period of my life. To conclude. to end. to die. To start […]

Work & Life: A reflection

The word Life makes me think of acceptance, circles, the endlessness of our shades. The discovery, the destruction, the birth, the seasons. Work is a stark word. I used to associate it with a grey building with closed windows. To transform the way work feels as it runs through my body is to me a […]

Unraveling ourselves: A heart-body-soul research on ourselves

How can I give myself permission to change and grow? And as I change, how do I contribute to the system surrounding me? Who am I to the social system I struggle to accept? Am I supposed to resist it? If so, how does that influence the mosaic of my nerves, flesh, feelings, aspirations, and day-to-day […]

Luz y Vacas

Acabo de ver una escena hermosa: La luz tan perfecta iluminando un campo decorado con unas vacas. Mas allá sombras, montañas y cielo.

El futuro que nos atrevemos a crear – The future we dare creating.

** English follows Spanish ** Queridos amigos y colegas de Plata, Cultura y Cambio, Son las nueve y media de la mañana y estoy sentada en nuestra oficina, decidiendo cómo invertir mi día. En el tablero hay muchas notas; Entre ellas esta de Carla, que me calentó el corazón. Llevo la conciencia que una fase […]