In a sort ‘who am I and what the hell is going on’ moment.

Can we cut potatoes together? Does the 'how' matter?

Dear Kirsten, This morning I ran. I woke up at 7.40 am, and ran along the streets of Ithaca. Big north american streets felt surprisingly familiar.The air in Ithaca is fresher than in Medellin. I spent the morning walking around, taking in the blue sky, hanging out with a bunch of jolly Phd students thirsty […]

Walk with our utopia

[youtube] Dear Dounia and Nikki, We have been friends for 9 years now. Hurrah! I was thinking how funny it is that throughout the years we have never stopped sharing tips on how to stay centered in ourselves, how to find our own way to express ourselves and exist in this society. My PhD […]

Resist in your free time…

  Dear Liam, I miss you! Are you coming next week to CIVICUS’ Civil Society Week in Bogota’? I so want you to help me untangle all the clues that I am collecting on the puzzle of youth civil society in Medellin. This week I kept thinking about the interview we did that Saturday morning two summers […]

Pillows, cultures and other random thoughts

[youtube] Dear Aditi and Olivier (read Holly),   I just had a beautiful night of chats. I think often, and with lots of saudaje, about the endless nights we spent sitting on the floor of your apartment. We should get a price for solving all the world’s problems in the infinite space between our […]

Reflections from a morning in bed.

Queridos of the Brighton Gang, It is Monday morning, and I am chilling in bed. I did a meditation, drank a smoothie, and allowed myself to just focus on the feeling of the blue sheets on my back. I need a break.   My room has (finally) acquired the geometry of cuddles. I bought a […]