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I make my fruits

I make my fruits

Just let my flowers bloom and if this season I will hang with just a few fruits it does not matter. Trust, how I long...

A full hug.

A full hug

Float – Travel notes from Peru.

Float - Travel notes from Peru.

There is a vast lake hidden behind this glass window blurred of rain. I bought a pair of white wool gloves which leave the tip...


A year ago, I looked at the mirror and felt distressed. If I am so angry seeing the me in the mirror wearing hateful eyes,...



It’s storming outside. As the rain mumbles loudly, we come together like sailors, rocking along with our ship in high waves. We are sitting on...

My never-previously-hand-washed white linen shirt

Juli mentioned something two days ago that stayed with me: “I like to play when I feel I deserve it”. I spent a couple of...



An experience of healing womanhood with el Juego Consciente.

Say yes.

The smell of your sweat is on me, and I embrace the way I am triggered. I extend myself through you. In conflict, I sense...


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Sketching dreams together

Sketching dreams together

Reflections from CIVICUS’ youth co-design workshop in Montevideo. In December, as part of my work researching the resourcing landscape for youth-led civil society, I had...

Download my lasted illustrated Chapbook featured with the amazing Cui Jinzhe’s artwork. These poems come out of a year-long exploration of my inner-world while living in the community of El Juego.