A year ago, I looked at the mirror and felt distressed. If I am so angry seeing the me in the mirror wearing hateful eyes, Who’s left? I found deeper eyes in the mirror two days ago. Sad eyes, angry eyes, fragmented eyes, in which I could not find my love. I could not accompany […]


It’s storming outside. As the rain mumbles loudly, we come together like sailors, rocking along with our ship in high waves. We are sitting on the floor, in a circle. It’s twenty of us in a room that feels too small, with a light too bright. There is dissonance between the beauty of our connection, […]

My never-previously-hand-washed white linen shirt

Juli mentioned something two days ago that stayed with me: “I like to play when I feel I deserve it”. I spent a couple of days asking myself whether I deserved it.  One voice inside replied: ‘what are the criteria to decide whether you deserve it?’. The thought of engaging with that question gave me […]


An experience of healing womanhood with el Juego Consciente.

Luz y Vacas

Acabo de ver una escena hermosa: La luz tan perfecta iluminando un campo decorado con unas vacas. Mas allá sombras, montañas y cielo.

El futuro que nos atrevemos a crear – The future we dare creating.

** English follows Spanish ** Queridos amigos y colegas de Plata, Cultura y Cambio, Son las nueve y media de la mañana y estoy sentada en nuestra oficina, decidiendo cómo invertir mi día. En el tablero hay muchas notas; Entre ellas esta de Carla, que me calentó el corazón. Llevo la conciencia que una fase […]


In a sort ‘who am I and what the hell is going on’ moment.

Walk with our utopia

[youtube] Dear Dounia and Nikki, We have been friends for 9 years now. Hurrah! I was thinking how funny it is that throughout the years we have never stopped sharing tips on how to stay centered in ourselves, how to find our own way to express ourselves and exist in this society. My PhD […]