I make my fruits

Just let my flowers bloom and if this season I will hang with just a few fruits it does not matter. Trust, how I long my own sweetness Trust, I am no other tree Trust, there is nothing to compare Trust, my existence is as raw as a first breath It is miraculous: like the […]

Float – Travel notes from Peru.

There is a vast lake hidden behind this glass window blurred of rain. I bought a pair of white wool gloves which leave the tip of my finger free to type on my phone. It’s cold, and I am remembering the cold like in a meeting with a friend I have not seen in a […]


A year ago, I looked at the mirror and felt distressed. If I am so angry seeing the me in the mirror wearing hateful eyes, Who’s left? I found deeper eyes in the mirror two days ago. Sad eyes, angry eyes, fragmented eyes, in which I could not find my love. I could not accompany […]


An experience of healing womanhood with el Juego Consciente.

Luz y Vacas

Acabo de ver una escena hermosa: La luz tan perfecta iluminando un campo decorado con unas vacas. Mas allá sombras, montañas y cielo.

Can we cut potatoes together? Does the 'how' matter?

Dear Kirsten, This morning I ran. I woke up at 7.40 am, and ran along the streets of Ithaca. Big north american streets felt surprisingly familiar.The air in Ithaca is fresher than in Medellin. I spent the morning walking around, taking in the blue sky, hanging out with a bunch of jolly Phd students thirsty […]