Unraveling ourselves: A heart-body-soul research on ourselves

How can I give myself permission to change and grow? And as I change, how do I contribute to the system surrounding me? Who am I to the social system I struggle to accept? Am I supposed to resist it? If so, how does that influence the mosaic of my nerves, flesh, feelings, aspirations, and day-to-day […]

Can we cut potatoes together? Does the 'how' matter?

Dear Kirsten, This morning I ran. I woke up at 7.40 am, and ran along the streets of Ithaca. Big north american streets felt surprisingly familiar.The air in Ithaca is fresher than in Medellin. I spent the morning walking around, taking in the blue sky, hanging out with a bunch of jolly Phd students thirsty […]

Resist in your free time…

  Dear Liam, I miss you! Are you coming next week to CIVICUS’ Civil Society Week in Bogota’? I so want you to help me untangle all the clues that I am collecting on the puzzle of youth civil society in Medellin. This week I kept thinking about the interview we did that Saturday morning two summers […]

Reflections from a morning in bed.

Queridos of the Brighton Gang, It is Monday morning, and I am chilling in bed. I did a meditation, drank a smoothie, and allowed myself to just focus on the feeling of the blue sheets on my back. I need a break.   My room has (finally) acquired the geometry of cuddles. I bought a […]