I make my fruits

Just let my flowers bloom and if this season I will hang with just a few fruits it does not matter. Trust, how I long my own sweetness Trust, I am no other tree Trust, there is nothing to compare Trust, my existence is as raw as a first breath It is miraculous: like the […]

Float – Travel notes from Peru.

There is a vast lake hidden behind this glass window blurred of rain. I bought a pair of white wool gloves which leave the tip of my finger free to type on my phone. It’s cold, and I am remembering the cold like in a meeting with a friend I have not seen in a […]


A year ago, I looked at the mirror and felt distressed. If I am so angry seeing the me in the mirror wearing hateful eyes, Who’s left? I found deeper eyes in the mirror two days ago. Sad eyes, angry eyes, fragmented eyes, in which I could not find my love. I could not accompany […]


It’s storming outside. As the rain mumbles loudly, we come together like sailors, rocking along with our ship in high waves. We are sitting on the floor, in a circle. It’s twenty of us in a room that feels too small, with a light too bright. There is dissonance between the beauty of our connection, […]

My never-previously-hand-washed white linen shirt

Juli mentioned something two days ago that stayed with me: “I like to play when I feel I deserve it”. I spent a couple of days asking myself whether I deserved it.  One voice inside replied: ‘what are the criteria to decide whether you deserve it?’. The thought of engaging with that question gave me […]


An experience of healing womanhood with el Juego Consciente.

Say yes.

The smell of your sweat is on me, and I embrace the way I am triggered. I extend myself through you. In conflict, I sense where to breath into so that discomfort can birth my unraveling. I recognise in your own pain my humanity and I dare to love myself even when the voices in […]


Tomorrow I am defending my PhD thesis at IDS.  Here are my reflections as preparation for this big moment 😀 Today I went to the beach at sunset. I asked permission to the ocean and the sky and the pebbles to finish a period of my life. To conclude. to end. to die. To start […]


 I realize I am in love.I recognise the feeling:hearth swelling, wondera desire to breathe the whole sky in. I Inhale.All the stars are still in the sky. Good. Francesco speaks of Greek legends.Galactic coachmen, immortal twins,stories of jealousy and love.We used the sky to mirror ourselves. As I kid, I liked to think there were mysteries beyond humans,now, […]